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I went with a friend to the Valley Forge Casino Resort last night. We thought we might check it out.

We were disappointed that we had to pay or had to get a membership to get in. The slot machine games were not very exciting but overall it was okay. We had another bigger disappointment with the Seven Nightclub at Radisson Hotel. It was Ice Nightclub before and we were looking forward to a great makeover but to our dismay, nothing had changed.

Seven Nightclub is the same old Ice Nightclub with people dancing and talking with glasses and bottles in their hands on the wet and dirty dance floor which is small like before. Which nightclub in a casino allow that?

Seven Nightclub can't even be compared with Michael's Cafe in Bensalem, what more to compare with the nightclubs in Atlantic City or Vegas? Valley Forge Casino Resort should have their very own nightclub which lives up to the expectation of what a nightclub in a casino should be.

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:( there going to gret it

:) :grin ;) 8) :p :zzz :eek :upset :roll :? :cry :( :x :x


I went to the Seven night club with a few friends and quite disappointed myself, the place was exactly the same as it was when it was called Ice. The only difference is that you have to pay to get in while you didn't have to do that before, they added booths which could cost from 200 and above and the music was lousy. For what???????


I agree with what Seth said. Alot of people post bad reviews about this casino because they have to pay to get in.

That is not there choice, but is instead required by the PGCB for a class 3 resort license. I bought the $60 annual dining membership which comes along with a free meal at any of the restaurants. I will probably go to the upscale Italian restaurant that they have opening up this month and with the meal including an appetizer, entree and desert will probably come close to getting my $60 back in food and I'll also have free access for a whole year on top of that.

The problem that I have with this place is that they just opened and the slots seem tight now. Can't imagine how tight they will be once the newness wears off.


First of all its a smaller casino for a reason. They are considererd a casino resort, the PGCB only granted them a class 3 license which allows them to have a casino only to support the exsisting property.

THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE TO PAY! If you think spending $10 dollars is a big deal which your gonna spend in 10 minutes you probably shouldn't be gambling anyways. I went there and i was actually quite impressed with the result with what they have to work with. They had all the popular slot machines that most people like to play and the set up of the floor is wonderful!

Most people don't like the slot machines becaues they didn't win.

lol. Wow and the club was a step up, it was decent, good crowd.

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